“What is art without courage? Art is most powerful when it exposes the injustices sustained by those in power undermining civic space and democracy,”

Alvin Tan
Founder and artistic director of The Necessary Stage, Singapore


“Artists and creatives as truth-tellers have an important role to play at this time when disinformation manipulates people’s behavior towards the erosion of our humanity.” — Leni Velasco, co-founder of DAKILA, a community of artist-activists in the Philippines. 


ARTSvsDISINFORMATION is proud to present seven exciting and diverse projects from artists and creative workers in East Asia responding to disinformation in the region. The works come from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong, and include  an online game, an interactive website, a performance, murals, public installations, paintings of QR Codes, and an ABC of Disinformation. “These artworks are forms of creative resistance, pushing back against threats to our rights and freedoms,” says Velasco. 


“ARTSvsDISINFORMATION is a collection of important artworks – urgent, innovative, and revealing. They are inspiring and provocative, and have transformative potential.”  — Alvin Tan, founder and artistic director of The Necessary Stage, Singapore.


PALACE PA-TROLL (Philippines)

Online game by Pixel Liberation Army

Citizens are being herded and turned into palace trolls! 

An Offering To The God Of Probabilities (Indonesia)

An interactive website by

Rangga Purbaya & Farid Stevy

IN 1965, all over Indonesia, many family members disappeared without a trace. “As survivor families, we were left searching for answers.”

ABCDuterte (Philippines)

A to Z of Disinformation in the Philippines

by Kristine Ong Muslim

 “G is for gay slurs that Duterte hurls at people who criticize him”


Original title: Memanah Kabar Burung

A performance by Benk Riyadi, with Papuan Student Alliance

Can poetry and songs tell the truth about West Papuan struggles?

SUGAR COATED SOURCE CODES (Cambodia & Philippines)

Digital print on canvas and online web pages

How many clicks does it take to unravel truth from fiction? 


 Original title: PAGTUTULA(K)

Street graffiti

Encouraging citizens to be independent seekers of truth and knowledge


Instagrams of public installations

Hong Kong protestors as both warriors and sacrifices 

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