An Offering To The God Of Probabilities (Indonesia)

An interactive website by Rangga Purbaya & Farid Stevy

IN 1965, all over Indonesia, many family members disappeared without a trace. A hoax spread by the army that the communists were to be blamed for a failed coup had resulted in the massacre of up to one million Indonesians. “As survivor families, we were left searching for answers,” said Rangga and Farid, the creators of this website. “We put our faith in speculations and rumours, to convince ourselves that a change is coming, that something would restore the honor of our lost family members. We offered ritual offerings for ancestors and gods for answers and serenity.” But the hoax remained for three generations and they are left with speculations.

“Through this project, we wish to make room for imagination. We present not only facts and memories, but also hope.” By inviting the public to share their stories of what happened in 1965, this interactive website aims to intervene in the history of terror in Indonesia, offering narratives that are different from what was taught in schools, on national television, and official anniversaries. The artists hope that these stories expand the political imagination of fellow Indonesians and trigger both national and personal reconciliation processes.

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