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Inspired by the warrior statues of the Terracotta Army of China’s first Emperor, this series of images portrays Hong Kong protestors as both warriors and sacrifices, buried away by the government, denied their rights to express. Through placement of 3D printed sculptures at sites of protest or altercations, Terracotta_Terrornada aims to be representations of local protestors. The statuettes have been juxtaposed with modern items that bear protest symbolisms such as umbrellas, face masks, and spray cans. These items were originally non-threatening, everyday objects which have taken on sinister connotations due to demonization by the media and government.

Published on Instagram, this series of images aims to be a dark and powerful dystopian evocation of loneliness, bureaucracy, and alienation, highlighting how pro-China policies have divided the city.

Click here for Terracotta_Terrornada’s instagram page.

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