PALACE PA-TROLL (Philippines)

Online game by Pixel Liberation Army Citizens are being herded and turned into palace trolls!

IN THE PHILIPPINES, propaganda is a weapon for stoking populist sentiment and deflecting critiques of government policies. An army of copy-paste trolls have been tasked to inflate “official” messaging on social media to artificially sway public opinion. By gathering up the scripts that trolls and propagandists use, this game shows how citizens are being herded and turned into palace trolls. Using fact checking, debunking, and media information literacy, journalists and civil society can help citizens discern better, but with lies spreading faster than the truth on social media, how will democracy fare? It is hoped that members of the public who view this virtual mirror become more aware that we are being manipulated. This game is a work of satire. Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental.


Click here to visit the play site or just play from the screen above!

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