Original title: Memanah Kabar Burung

A performance by Benk Riyadi, with Papuan Student Alliance

THE INDONESIAN MILITARY took over the province of West Papua in 1962. Since then, peaceful actions by Papuans to raise the issue of self-determination have been dismissed by Indonesian authorities, labeled as separatism on the same level as acts of terrorism. As a result, Papuans are portrayed as traitors to the nation. In this landscape of disinformation and untruths, Indonesian performer Benk Riyadi invited students from Papuan Student Alliance (Yogyakarta) to cooperate with him in a performance titled “Memanah Kabar Burung” (Shooting Down Rumours). Through live poetry, songs, and video, they questioned whether official information about West Papua is the truth. “Memanah Kabar Burung” is an effort to bring attention to issues of justice and democracy in Papua and to show solidarity from Indonesians towards the struggle of the Papuan people.

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