Original title: PAGTUTULA(K)

Street graffiti

Information is the currency of this generation. This makes the bearers and purveyors of information ‘powerful’ in terms of swaying public opinion and influencing the prevailing narratives, shaping not just people’s perspectives, but the government’s decisions and policies as well. Using the art of double entendre, this Filipino graffiti artist makes use of public spaces to convey his message to Filipinos. The phrases prominently painted on walls along busy streets encourage citizens to be independent seekers of truth and knowledge.

“TUNAY NA (M)ULAT”, meaning “REAL REPORT/ TRULY AWARE”, is painted on the wall of the University of the Philippines-Diliman campus, a state university that prides itself of being the cradle of the nation’s future leaders. Perhaps the artist is challenging our educators and our youth to continue seeking for, standing by, and revealing the truths of our time.

Meanwhile, underneath a flyover somewhere in Manila, the artist painted “SALITANG TOTOO (REAL WORD) / BALITANG TOTOO (TRUE NEWS)”, as an exhortation for news to tell the truth. However, the switching of the words also shows the way words and news are manipulated or changed. In the hands of artists, such manipulations are acts of creativity that reveal the truths. But what happens when we allow the media to be creative with the truth?

Located around Quezon City and Manila, Philippines.

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