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The research Hijacking & Weaponizing the Narrative: Disinformation Amid Rising Repression in East Asia, examines the specific ways by which states have become a major player in the spread of disinformation and how these narratives influence state policies and the use of state resources.


Written and edited by well-known journalists and writers on disinformation in the region, the research project maps the disinformation landscape in the Philippines, Mindanao, Indonesia, West Papua, Hong Kong, and Cambodia.


ARTSvsDISINFORMATION is a set of seven exciting and diverse projects from artists and creative workers in East Asia responding to disinformation in the region. The works come from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Hong Kong.


“These artworks are forms of creative resistance, pushing back against threats to our rights and freedoms. More than that, they are also cultural blueprints, helping us navigate through the chaos and the turbulent times. By invoking the power of art and creativity, we present counternarratives that help us reclaim our humanity as our ultimate weapon against repression.” — Leni Velasco, co-founder of DAKILA

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We wish to collaborate with academics, human rights defenders, media experts, journalists, proponents of freedom of information and expression, artists, writers, creative workers in building this website as a small hub of content on issues focusing on disinformation around the world.

We publish features, op-eds, visualizations, artworks, and other original content that explore issues around human rights, democracy,  and disinformation especially during a pandemic of viruses and authoritarian regimes.

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