About Disinformation Counter

"We live in an age of information overload. Technology has allowed for easy accessibility of mass amounts of information. This is a great advancement to humanity and levels the playing field for all. However, it also comes with its challenges of increasing disinformation and the weaponization of information to manipulate the public."

Soo Yon Suh, Asia Democracy Network, Program Manager

This website aims to contribute to public knowledge and understanding of disinformation, especially how governments are using such to impact negatively on civic space and democracy around the world. It is hoped that the researches, artistic responses, and projects showcased here, and more that are to come, will inspire and empower the public, together with civil society, to resist disinformation and demand better of our governments.

We hope this helps you identify what is happening in your own countries and regions. As authoritarian regimes have learned how to use social media and leverage disinformation, may we also innovate to create alternative narratives, strategies, and spaces for marginalized voices to be heard. May we take back the control of what our stories are and how they are told.


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