SUGAR COATED SOURCE CODES (Cambodia & Philippines)

Digital print on canvas and online web pages

On the surface, they are two sets of QR Codes. From afar, they might look like religious emblems. Look closer and one will see faint scratchings of texts and symbols of oppressions of two separate countries. Scanning the codes with one’s phone will lead to a second layer, where promises and lies are further blurred, as each country’s foundational constitutions are contrasted against their present leaders’ proclamations.  

Sugar Coated Source Codes (SCSC) is a diptych of interactive, multi-layered artwork that tackles the disinformation perpetuated by the Cambodian and the Philippine governments. As one passes through different gates, from tech to art to tech again, just to access information, several questions might arise: How many clicks does it take to unravel truth from fiction? In a world divided by digital access, is access to truth a privilege or a right? Is this truth worth your effort?

Scan these QR codes to view the second layer of artworks

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